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Keep in mind that you're very welcome to sign the INGSA Manifesto as both an individual and on behalf of your organisation.
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By signing the INGSA Manifesto for 2030 you are supporting and promoting the principles that underpin impartial, evidence-informed advice to all level of governments.

The INGSA Manifesto for 2030 remains a living document - it will continue to be debated and refreshed as the requirements of science advice evolve and shift. As such, INGSA welcomes your feedback and thoughts on the document, and all inputs will be considered in shaping future versions of the document. Please send your comments to:


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The International Network for Government Scientific Advice (INGSA) provides a forum for policy makers, practitioners, academies, and academics to share experience, build capacity and develop theoretical and practical approaches to the use of scientific evidence in informing policy at all levels of government.

Membership to the INGSA network is FREE and provides you with a quarterly newsletter, event alerts, professional development and workshop resources, and the opportunity to be a part of a growing global group of science and policy professionals.

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