Watch Prof Arthur Petersen’s Inaugural Lecture at STEaPP

A Climate of Change? Renegotiating Values in Science and Engineering Advice

View the recording of the lecture here.

Arthur Petersen is Professor of Science, Technology and Public Policy at University College London’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy (STEaPP) department.

On the 22nd March Prof Petersen gave his inaugural address

In this lecture, Professor Petersen traced the relationship between university and government, from the birth of science advice to the present day. Positioning the university as a platform for independent thinking and partisan perspectives, he explored its role in public decision-making around science, technology and engineering.

Drawing on examples from across his career, Professor Petersen addressed the intrinsic tensions between politics, religion, policy-making, science and technology. Looking to the future, it offered a pragmatic way forward for the complex relationship between these practices, and highlighted responsible strategies for regaining trust under allegedly ‘post-truth’ conditions.

Watch the video here.