Scientists-in-Residence launches in Melbourne

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Melbourne based not-for-profit organisation, Scientists-in-Residence, recently held one of their science advice events as part of the Melbourne Knowledge Week 2017. The event aimed to engage scientists with the community in a form of open face-to-face conversation, and to provide expert advice on science, technology and innovation to interested parties.

Nearly twenty Melbourne-based scientists engaged with over 250 participants. The event was held at the unique Experimedia space of the State Library of Victoria and was possible due to the support of the City of Melbourne.

Scientists-in-Residence is a growing movement of some of the best scientists in Australia. These scientists are dedicated to helping and supporting local communities by providing their expertise and scientific advice on a variety of topics and problems.

Scientists-in-Residence come from diverse scientific disciplines and are nationally and internationally recognised for their cutting-edge research. However, they understand that being a scientist is so much more than spending long hours in a hermetic laboratory environment. These scientists acknowledge their responsibility to support their community and dedicate themselves to making an ongoing societal impact.

The group of Scientists-in-Residence is made up of evolutionary biologists, astrophysicists, nanoscientists, neuroscientists, molecular chemists, and more.

The idea behind our organisation was ignited by the event ‘Science and Policy-Making: towards a new dialogue’ held on 29th – 30th September 2016 by the International Network for Government Science Advice (INGSA) and the European Commission.

For more information contact Dr Bart Kolodziejczyk: