Scientists and policymakers meet at European Commission’s Joint Research Centre to develop their skills in evidence-informed policymaking for the Water-Energy-Food nexus

INGSA was proud to collaborate with the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre on their recent workshop. Over a hundred participants from 45 European and African countries assembled at the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre site in Ispra, Italy for a capacity-building event dedicated to improving skills in the use of evidence for policy. Co-organised by the European and African Union Commissions, in the framework of the Joint Africa-EU Strategy and co-financed under the JAES Support Mechanism II, as well as the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), the science-policy discussions were carried out in the context of Water-Energy-Food nexus challenges.

The event was designed for scientist and policymaker participants to better understand together the constraints and needs surrounding evidence-informed policymaking. Full of enthusiasm for sharing their experiences and learning from each other, the participants attended interactive masterclasses on a broad range of topics. They were introduced to practices of informed decision-making during crises and disasters, when there were political and scientific controversies and at different levels of policymaking. They gained insights in combining scientific and non-scientific knowledge, using and providing systematic reviews, earth observation images, foresight, design thinking and behavioural insights for policy. They also had a chance to polish their communication and visualisation skills, to make sure that the needs of policy and input of science can converge for better outcomes.

After four intense days of work, the participants are bringing home new skills, inspirations and concrete ideas for collaborations. If you are interested in finding out more about the event and explore the material used at the event, please join the dedicated follow-up community on Capacity4Dev platform: