New Website Resources

Visit our resource page for useful documents in the science to policy space, including the recent additions listed below.

NEW: Understanding the Challenges and Opportunities at the Science-Policy Interface: domestic and global perspectives. Professor Sir Peter Gluckman, INGSA Chair and Chief Science Advisor to the Prime Minister of New Zealand presents to the Science Policy Forum of the United Nations Environmental Assembly in Kenya, May 2016.

NEW: Comment from Canadian Science Policy Centre: The Chief Science Officer’s Roles within Government – Ted Hsu, 29 March 2016

NEW: Jeffrey Hutchings and Nils Stenseth: Communication of Science Advice to Government. Trends in Ecology & Evolution, January 2016, Vol. 31, No. 1.

NEW: Arthur C. Petersen: The Ethos of scientific advice: a pragmatist approach to uncertainty and ignorance in science and public policy. Published in H. de Regt and C. Kwa, eds. (2014), Building Bridges: Connecting Science, Technology and Philosophy – Essays presented to Hans Radder, Amsterdam: VU University Press, pp. 53–62.