Registrations Open: OECD Evidence-Informed Policy Making Event – Paris 26 & 27 June

OECD – Governing better through evidence-informed policy making

REGISTRATIONS OPEN: 26 – 27 June 2017, OECD Conference Centre, Paris


The OECD Directorate of Public Governance would like to invite you to attend an upcoming event on evidence-informed policy making organised in collaboration with the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC), The Campbell Collaboration, and the International Network for Government Science Advice (INGSA).


Registrations are now open via the event website

A Draft Agenda of the event has also been released. 


There is a growing demand for high quality, inclusive public services as well as increased public scrutiny of government spending. Decision makers are facing the need to reach timely decisions in an increasingly volatile uncertain and complex environment. Policy making nowadays also involves the entanglement of formal and informal actors, making it difficult to control the way in which evidence feeds into the policy and decision making processes. Yet, the need to ensure that quality evidence can effectively feed into policy and decision making processes is necessary to guarantee the effectiveness of public interventions, to achieve inclusive growth, and to rebuild trust in public institutions and science.

In some areas, evidence gaps remain where further investment in understanding what works is necessary. In other areas, evidence exists, but is poorly used, insufficiently shared or not systematically organised. There is great potential to mobilise an Evidence Works, approach, strengthening knowledge management and science brokerage approaches. The goal is to ensure better governance through evidence-informed policy making. This requires leveraging large bodies of evidence, systematically reviewing the information, enabling networks, fostering innovative methods, and closely cooperating with decision makers to understand their needs.

The meeting will offer a unique opportunity to promote a wide dialogue on evidence-informed policy. It should help identify how governments can systematically include high-quality evidence in policy and decision making and establish a culture of using evidence in practice. The meeting is intended to result in a plan of action for the OECD to take this agenda forward.

Participants will have the unique opportunity to discuss many different aspects of evidence-informed policy making in informal group sessions, to share best practices and to network on an international scale. A better understanding of how evidence can be used in a timely and effective way by governments is necessary to promote the uptake of evidence. Connecting evidence and policy is complex, but also necessary to make sure that policies work for citizens.

To Register, or for more information, see the event website.


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