APEC Chief Science Advisors and Equivalents Meeting 2016

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A number of INGSA affiliates and advisory group members are also represented within the APEC region’s Chief Science Advisors and Equivalents (CSAE) grouping.

The fourth meeting of the APEC CSAE was held in Lima, Peru on August 18-19th.

In response to the 2015 APEC Leaders’ Declaration requesting the CSAE group explore coordinated scientific advice surrounding and during emergencies, the CSAE has shared best practices and experiences and in framing its recommendations it has incorporated research and recommendations from EPWG, the Sendai Framework, IRDR, ASTAAG, OECD and member economies.

Recognising the many different types of risk that economies face, and that there are varying governance and administrative structures across the APEC member economies and also varying levels of crisis management from local to economy-wide, the CSAE group recommended a set of actions that the APEC economies should seek to achieve. Those actions and further information can be found here.