INGSA and the Evidence-to-Policy Tracker

The International Network for Government Science Advice (INGSA) is a collaborative platform for policy makers, practitioners, national academies, and academics to share experience, build capacity and develop theoretical and practical approaches to the use of scientific evidence in informing policy at all levels of government.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, INGSA created the Evidence-to-Policy Tracker by mobilising its global network. Rapporteurs from around the world generously donated their time and expertise to provide important insight into the policy activities of their governments, with a unique focus on how knowledge and evidence was used to inform policy.

As such, the INGSA Tracker has become an incredibly important global dataset over over 5000 policy interventions and the input of over 170 rapporteurs from around the world.

2021 Knowledge Associate Grants

To utilise and extend the data within the Tracker, INGSA is providing six grants to enable both supply and demand-side participants to undertake deep-dive research within their countries on how evidence has been used to inform (or not) the policy response to COVID-19.

These grants are supported by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) as part of their ongoing commitment to increasing capacity in science advice in LMIC countries, and as part of their COVID-19 response plan.

These grants will enable 3 x supply-side grantees and 3 x demand-side grantees to undertake qualitative and quantitative exploration of a topic related to how evidence was used in their jurisdiction to underpin the policy response to COVID-19.  ARE WE STATING HOW MUCH THESE GRANTS ARE WORTH??

Who is Eligible? 

Applications for these grants are open to early-to-mid career researchers or policy practitioners in Low and Middle Income Countries. Please check the eligible countries list.

We will be looking for an equal mix of supply-side grantees (scientists and evidence producers) and demand-side grantees (public servants and policy-makers). We will also be considering geographic and gender diversity in our selection.

To reward the hard work of our rapporteurs, we are initially only opening up applications to existing rapporteurs to the INGSA Evidence-to-Policy Tracker.

Applications will then be opened to the public if necessary. 

Please note that these grants are for individuals, teams are not eligible.

What is the aim of the grants?

INGSA is looking for applicants to identify unique, interesting or informative topics that can provide deep insight into how evidence was used to inform public policy. This might be the establishment of a new advisory mechanism or the function of a pre-existing mechanism, or a detailed analysis of an issue that was particularly challenging for society or government, or an exploration of how a city or a country responded in its regional context, or how information was generated and flowed between stakeholders etc.

Any topic that explores an important element of the evidence-to-policy interface in your local, national or international context will be considered.

The INGSA secretariat will provide mentoring and assistance over the length of the grant, and regional INGSA Chapters will be able to support and facilitate your research, where possible.

We expect that grantees will utilise the data already existing in the INGSA Tracker and INGSA Informatio Hub to inform their work. We also expect that grantees will need to undertake further research including interviews, data collection and analysis, and to produce public reports and/or academic papers (if appropriate)

See the Call for Applications for the full information on the terms of the grants. 

What can the money be used for?


Terms of the Grant

Successful applicants will become INGSA Research Associates for the period of the grant (February 2019 – December 2019). Additional support will be made available for INGSA Research Associates to travel to an international INGSA meeting in late 2019.

Application Process

Applications ??????????

Read the detailed Call for Applications with more information on the research them, selection criteria and the application process. 




INGSA operates under the auspices of the International Science Council (ISC). Grants are made possible through a partnership with the International Development Research Centre (IDRC).