Call for Participants

North Eastern Africa Workshop Series on the Role of Science in Assisting Regional Policy Development

28th to the 31st of October 2019
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


The Ethiopian Academy of Sciences and INGSA are pleased to co-host a series of science advice workshops in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from the 28th to the 31st of October 2019.

The workshop series is designed for policymakers and scientists living or working in North Eastern Africa to enhance capacities in embedding evidence in policymaking at all levels of government.

The series of events will include:

28-29 Oct A one and a half day science advice workshop with policymakers and select researchers and scientists
29 Oct A half day open public evidence informed policy-making forum – all welcome, particularly the academic and research community
30 Oct A one day workshop focusing on the role of science advice for health in collaboration with Wellcome Trust – seeking both policymakers and health researchers
31 Oct A one day science advice workshop dedicated for young scientists


Many of the challenges facing modern societies cannot be adequately addressed by solely using common sense, experience, ideological principles, or basic analytical methods. Whether it is climate change, renewable energy, natural disasters, food security, or disease pandemics, policymakers need scientific advice to inform their decisions. Obtaining rigorous and useful science advice in a timely manner is not a trivial matter and taking careful account of such advice in complex policy areas of interest to many different stakeholders is not always straightforward.

The interface between science, politics and society at large is challenging for both policymakers and scientists. While, science advice training may not be in the mainstream training of scientists and policymakers, there is an increasing need for scientists and policymakers to have science advice and communication skills to ensure that evidence-based policies result in positive impact to all stakeholders.

The objective of this workshop series is to understand, appreciate and upskill participants in how to facilitate evidence-informed policy-making.


Expected commitment

We are seeking ambitious and values-driven policymakers and scientists who are committed towards actively contributing to or establishing science advice as well as promoting greater collaboration within the region. Selected participants will be expected to:

  • Apply the acquired skillsets in existing or new initiatives following the initial training and share their skillsets and experience with fellow researchers and policymakers in their respective countries.
  • Continue interacting with other participants via events and/or online means of communication.


Selection criteria and application process

The workshops are designed for policy practitioners, diplomats, practicing scientists and researchers living or working in Ethiopia and representatives from neighbouring countries in North Eastern Africa e.g. Sudan, South Sudan, Kenya and Somalia.

Applicants will need to display compelling evidence of their interest in science advice. This potential can be demonstrated in areas such as policy development, research excellence, talent development, advocacy, connection, outreach, education etc. The selection process will not only consider individual qualities but also focus on ensuring diversity of culture, subject background (natural and social sciences, engineering, arts, humanities etc.) and gender among the participants.

Priority will be given to those who are:

  • Policy professionals in any domain of public policy
  • Foreign ministry and science diplomats
  • Practicing senior scientists (broadly defined to include natural and applied sciences, social sciences, humanities, engineering, health and medical sciences), affiliated to institutions of higher learning, academies of science, government/statutory/private research/advisory institutes; that can demonstrate the policy relevance of their area of research or professional expertise.


The following criteria are used as a guide for the nomination and selection of fellows:

  • Working in North Eastern Africa;
  • Interested in how to use scientific research and evidence to inform policy-making;
  • Demonstrated leadership ability;
  • Having an active interest in interdisciplinary working to solve global problems;
  • Being proficient in English;
  • Commit to take part the whole duration of the workshop;
  • Commitment towards engaging in the activities of the region;
  • Intent to share what is learned in the programme with their broader networks.


Workshops – limited participant numbers, apply to attend

Please register your interest in attending one or more of the workshops by completing the following online application form. Applications need to be made by 09 August 2019.

We will use the contact information you provide to update you on event details. If you have any queries with regards to the application, please contact Abenet Girma at


Open Forum – all welcome once registered

Please note that there is no application process for the open forum and we welcome all participants, however we do ask you to complete our online registration form to allow us to manage expected attendance.



There is no cost to attend the workshops or the open forum. Training and meals during the workshop days will be provided to all participants. Airfare and accommodation costs will be supported for only a selected number of participants. There will be some costs that will not be covered by the programme, such as visas and vaccinations; for which participants will need to seek support from their local institutions and/or personal funds.

We are grateful to our funding partners IDRC and the Wellcome Trust for supporting this workshop series.


We hope to see you in Addis Ababa.