What is SPIDER?

The Science Policy in Diplomacy and External Relations (SPIDER) network is a Special Interest Division of the INGSA network, it is open to anyone with an interest in the practice, theory or discussion of Science Diplomacy.

Announced in November 2018 at the INGSA2018 conference, SPIDER hosted its inaugural meeting in Oman in early Feb 2019 as part of the Ocean Economy and Future Technology conference organised by the International Forum on Science and Technology Diplomacy (IFSTD). This was a joint meeting with FMSTAN.

This new SPIDER Division will help drive, shape and develop the global discussion around the roles, opportunities and risks of using science as a diplomatic tool. It will produce novel research to guide best practice as well as provide a network of practitioners to share skills, experiences and to build beneficial relationships.

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Muscat, Oman – February 2019

The inaugural meeting of the SPIDER Special Interest Division was held in collaboration with the Ocean Economy and Future Technology Conference in Muscat, Oman in Feb 2019. In a joint meeting with the FMSTAN network, over 50 people attended to discuss the future of the new network and how SPIDER can become a global voice for Science Diplomacy theory, practice and advice.

It was a highly energising workshop that covered a range of issues across Data Diplomacy, international principles for the conduct of scientists in emergencies, Science Diplomacy for the SDGs and ongoing topics of interest to SPIDER.

The meeting included presentations from:

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