A network of legislative science advice researchers and practitioners

INGSA’s Parliamentary Special Interest Division (SID) serves as a forum for experts and those interested in expanding their knowledge of legislative science advice. Through events, an online network and a focused agenda for research and practice, the chapter connects researchers and practitioners to promote the capacity of advisory systems.

Membership is free and open to anyone working in legislatures as scientific and technical advisers, intermediaries who bridge the gap between the research community and legislatures, and people who produce evidence, including those who research legislative knowledge systems.

The formation of a Parliamentary SID of INGSA was announced in November 2018 at the organisation’s biennial conference.

Join now!

To join the INGSA-Parliamentary network simply sign up at https://www.ingsa.org/join/ and register for any of the Special Interest Divisions that are of interest.

Even if you are already a member of the INGSA network, so long as you sign up again using the same email address then this will only update your preferences and will not result in duplicate emails.


List of Events coming soon….