Adding depth to our activities, INGSA is establishing a number of Special Interest Divisions designed to address the structural and thematic issues related to different levels of policy making.

Special Interest Divisions have been announced for:

  • Science Policy in Diplomacy and External Relations – the SPIDER network
  • Parliamentary Science Advice
  • Urban and Cities

These Divisions will be subsets of the main INGSA network and are open to anyone to join.

The Foreign Ministries Science and Technology Advisory Network (FMSTAN), will remain an invitation-only network of science advisors (or equivalents) within countries’ Foreign Ministries. FMSTAN and SPIDER will work closely and collaborate on the issue of Science Diplomacy, often holding joint meetings.

These new Special Interest Divisions are still under development and the SPIDER network will host its inaugural meeting in Feb 2019 in Oman. 


How to join an INGSA Special Interest Division?

You can sign up to the SPIDER, Parliamentary, and Urban Divisions right now by filling in your details at: 

Even if you have previously signed up for the INGSA network, please re-fill out your details and remember to indicate the Special Interest Divisions you would like to join. This will update your information in our system.

We will then keep you in the loop regarding the development of these networks, including opportunities to get involved.