24 April 2020 – Announced revised social distancing guidelines

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Type of Intervention: Physical distancing
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Level of Jurisdiction: National
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Overview: The Ministry of Health and Welfare announced a new set of social distancing guidelines for individuals and communities in preparation for increased social and economic activity nationwide.

The guidelines call for “social distancing in everyday life”, and outline prevention and hygiene protocol for 31 types of social situations.

These include restricting the use of facilities to those without symptoms of COVID-19 and who have not travelled abroad within the past 14 days; maintaining a distance of two meters in public at all times; keeping social contact to a minimum; regular handwashing, and disinfection of high-traffic areas.
Full details here: https://www.mohw.go.kr/eng/nw/nw0101vw.jsp?PAR_MENU_ID=1007&MENU_ID=100701&page=1&CONT_SEQ=354205