#SciAdvice14 open for your blogposts

Search Engine People Blog
Search Engine People Blog

Social media activities around the conference are starting to ramp up and we are excited to open a call for blogposts from the science advice/policy/diplomacy communities to be published on www.ingsa.org/news. Conference blogs will be promoted on social media and be featured in news updates to conference participants.

We are looking for:

1. Blogposts which illustrate science policy and science diplomacy issues. It would be great if the blogpost could be related to any of the five #SciAdvice14 themes:  (see also http://www.ingsa.org/discussion-themes/)

2. Blogposts which are interesting to read. Thought provoking, inspiring, etc.. Here are some tips on “how to write a good blogpost”: http://www.blogtips.org/how-to-write-good-blogposts

Please send your blogpost by email to Michelle (kovamic@gmail.com) by the end of August, 2014:

– as a MS Word doc (with no formatting, but please put in links to “further reading” and a picture caption). Keep it between 600-800 words if you can.

– attach the picture to go with it. Make sure the picture is yours, or if it is someone else’s, you have their permission to re-use it. Flickr.com is an excellent free photo repository (most of the current conference blog pictures are from there) but just make sure you search for creative commons licensed photos only.

– include your name, organisation/institute at the bottom so we attribute posts correctly.

We look forward to reading your blogposts!