Resources: Research Fortnight’s Chief Scientist World

Research Fortnight is an independent source of news, analysis, funding opportunities and jobs for the academic research community. This month they’ve published a special supplement on science advice. Articles include:

BRICS summit produces no concrete science plan

‘Don’t go to politicians without an economic argument,’ warns DFID’s scientific adviser.

Credibility at risk: Chief Science Advisors should avoid being seen as advocates for particular policies, says Sir Peter Gluckman (New Zealand).

Lack of legislation blamed for African health research ‘void’

Obama and Africa: cooperation at last

Ukraine counts the cost of Crimea separation

NIH leader: flat budgets need ‘creative’ managers

China sets its sights on Arctic infrastructure development

Rise or fall? India debates prime  minister’s inaugural science budget

Turkey’s rectors challenge Israel’s universities to take anti-government stance

Don’t let my failure put you off, Ignatieff tells academics

Pick a number: Contrasting figures abound on the state of America’s science and technology
workforce. The result is evidence to support every policy, finds Rebecca Trager.

Learning to fail better: Rules have exceptions; policies are imperfect. But we can strive to make the right
types of mistake in policy-making, argues John Whitfield

The fine line: The best advisors rely on consultation, not conviction.