Finland takes steps to improve use of research data in policy making

In September last year, the Finnish government adopted a resolution to comprehensively reform state research institutes and research funding. The reform focuses particularly on improving the use of research data in decision-making within the government and other bodies.

Kari Raivio — a physician and Chancellor Emeritus of the University of Helsinki – was asked to assess the suitability of different models of science advise across the world.

Due for submission several weeks ago (30 June 2014), Raivio’s report examined the following issues:

– What are the best ways to disseminate research information?
– What are our current institutional solutions (science academies, panels, evaluation councils, assessment and audit offices)? What kind of experience can other countries offer?
– What do political decision-makers expect from the planned advisory functions?
– How can we organise the advisory functions so that research information to facilitate strategic) decision-making?

Kari Raivio will be speaking at next month’s conference on the process and systems for procuring evidence and developing/delivering scientific advice for government.

You can find his personal blog at: (in Finnish)