By: Zenebe Mekonnen, Ethiopian Environment and Forest Research Institute, Ethiopia



Science advice is one of the bases for policy-making for governments. Existing and emerging challenges such as climate change policies required science base policy-making than traditional form of policy-making. In order to come up with effective policy outcomes, policy advice should be context specific and communicated in more understandable way to the policy-makers and the communities.

The main objective of the paper is to review current knowledge and use of science policy advice that can be applied in policy-making process in the context of Ethiopia. To fulfill this, knowledge products form journal articles, policy documents, working papers, policy briefs and other gray literature were reviewed to determine the state of the art for science policy advice use opportunities and challenges.

Although there are communication gaps between researchers and policy-makers, currently, there is more improvement in the use of science advice in Ethiopia in policy-making process in line with sustainable developments efforts. Science advisory process should identify what causes the problems, who are the right advisors, how to balance diverse scientific views and treat their uncertainties, how to communicate and use the advice, and assessing the fruitfulness of the given advice.

Acquiring the science advice through the aligned advisory process, narrowing the researchers and policy-makers divide could improve the use and effectiveness of science policy advice in policy-making process and brings insightful policy outcomes for sustainable development.