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NEW - INGSA Horizon Series - Future of Science Advice
Claire Craig & Sarah Dillon - Narrative Evidence, Storylistening, & Social Science/Humanities at the interface
NEW - INGSA Horizon Series - Future of Science Advice
Prof Vikram Patel - Inequality, the mental health crisis, and de-colonising Global Health

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The global COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the critical value for effective and integrated science advice mechanisms into all levels of government, particularly in emergencies. Managing the acute response and the recovery will continue to require a range of evidence from the natural sciences, social sciences and the humanities.

To assist, INGSA has created a dedicated hub of information related to the science advice and diplomacy issues raised by the pandemic. We are currently looking for contributors from all over the world to provide thinkpieces, resources and events to assist.

The outcomes of this exercise will not only help to inform the global response to the virus, but will also inform INGSA’s existing stream of enquiry into the role of science advice in emergencies.

Visit the COVID-19 portal and see how you can contribute!