One of INGSA’s core activities is to assist with the development or strengthening of advisory systems through capacity-building workshops.

We often tend to use a case-based learning approach in our workshops. These are a mix of actual historic cases and fictional cases.

We are in the process of building our case study library and welcome your ideas and support in developing new cases. Please send your submissions to

Below are examples of INGSA case studies:

Fictional Cases

  • NEW Ileojogbon – legislating homosexuality 
  • NEW Doumbelane – mobilization of water and land resources for food security (French version available here)
  • NEW Mulikamee – fighting unemployment, emigration and radicalization (French version available here)
  • NEW Jibaji – construction of a dam and governance of water resources (French version available here)
  • Carboneria – competing technology-based economic proposals with multiple stakeholders
  • Swamperia – future technology in the fight against malaria
  • Panderia – pandemics, panics and international borders
  • Nicoteria – e-cigarettes as a public health strategy

Historic Cases